Arrested Development: 25 Best Quotes

Arrested Development: 25 Best Quotes

Alright, this blog post is dedicated to all the Arrested Development fans out there. It is almost May, which not only means warm and sunny weather, it also means we can all start counting down to Arrested Development 2013 on Netflix!!!!!!! Yes, six exclamation marks are completely necessary. In lieu of this historical event, I will start my AD 2013 countdown blog posts. This will include our favorite characters’ best moments, favorite episodes and other fun things! Today’s post is my favorite 25 Arrested Development quotes (with some awesome stills to go along with it)!


1. Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom:

Tobias: “Okay, who’d like a banger in the mouth? Right, I forgot, here in the states you call it a ‘sausage’ in the mouth.”

Michael: “We just call it sausage.”



2. Tobias: “Michael, you are not quite the ladies man I had pictured. Hopefully, we will remedy that when we are in the spa spreading body chocolate all over each other.”



3. Michael with lawyer Wayne Jarvis:

Michael: “Are you serious?”

Wayne Jarvis: “Almost always. I was once voted the worst audience participant Cirque du Soleil ever had.”



4. Tobias, trying on a speedo over his “never-nude” cut-offs:

Tobias: “Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?”



5. George Sr., hiding in the attic-to George Michael:

George Sr.: “Look, I just need something to read. Pop-Pop gets a Grisham?”



6.  GOB on responsibility:

GOB: “I should be in charge. I’m the older brother.”

Michael: “Do you even want to be in charge?”

GOB: “No… but I’d like to be asked!”



7. GOB: “I’m dating this Christian girl right now. She wants me to be honest and reconnect with my son. And I’m trying to get her to renounce God and [screw] me, but I just want to prove to her that I’m worth it.”



8. Michael and Buster rescuing George Michael from Lucille and the MotherBoy Convention:

Michael: “Buster, you can’t zip-line over there.”

Buster: “Either I zip down, or he zips up, and that is a mighty long zipper on Mother’s Cher jumpsuit. You have to get on your knees to start it.”

Michael: “This is much less scary. Godspeed, Buster.”



9. Lindsay trying to punish Maeby:

Lindsay: “I hate to say it, but Michael might be right. You need to learn a little discipline.”

Maeby: “Hmmm. Nope. That doesn’t feel right.”

Lindsay: “No, no, no. I am telling you. You are now punished. I punish thee!”

Maeby: ” Are you serious? What could you possibly come up with that would punish me?”

Lindsay: “Oh, I have to come up with another thing?”



10. The epitome of Buster and Lucille’s relationship:

Buster: “Mom is becoming a little controlling.”

Michael: ” What tipped you off? When she locked you out on the balcony again?”

Buster: “That was half my fault. I thought I saw a graham cracker out there.”

Michael (to Lucille): “You baited the balcony?”

Lucille: “Prove it.”



11. George Michael fills in as secretary for Kitty- answering the phone:

George Michael: “Hello, Bluth Company.”

George Sr.: “Talk me off, honey. Talk me off.”

George Michael: “Talk you off what, Pop-Pop?”

George Sr.: “Oh, George Michael, I thought you were… when’s that voice gonna drop? Put Kitty on the phone.”



12. George Michael and Maeby are getting lunch at a fancy restaurant while they are supposed to be working at the banana stand:

George Michael: “Oh my god! It’s your mom and Gangee!”

Maeby: “What are they doing here?”

George Michael: “They’re adults. They’re allowed to have fun whenever they want. We’re kids, we’re supposed to work.”



13. Michael: “Why are you squeezing me with your body?”

Lucille: “It’s a hug, Michael. I’m hugging you.”



14. Lindsay on her new outfit:

Lindsay: “I guess [mom] wanted me to have something new. Sweet old thing.”

Michael: “Only two of those words describe mom, so I know you’re lying to me.”



15: Tobias: “I’m afraid I just blue myself.”



16: Lucille: “Get me a vodka rocks.”

Michael: “Mom, it’s breakfast.”

Lucille: “And a piece of toast.”



17: One of George Sr.’s life lessons:

J. Walter Weatherman: “And that’s why, you always leave a note.”



18. Michael to GOB:

Michael: “Get rid of the Seaward”

Lucille: “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”




19. Tobias at his commercial for a fire sale:







21. Lucille: “You tricked me.”

Michael: “I ‘deceived’ you. ‘Tricked’ makes it sound like we have a playful relationship.”



22. Buster shows up at George Sr.’s hearing with a mariachi band:

Lucille: “Oh, for God’s sake. He’s out of the house for two days and he joins a gang.”



23. Michael on George Michael’s new girlfriend, Ann:

Michael: “I’m sure Egg is a very nice person.”



24. Lucille: “I’ll be at the hospital bar.”

Michael: “Uh, you know there isn’t a hospital bar.”

Lucille: “Well, this is why people hate hospitals”



25. Buster on the Army:

Buster: ” These are my awards, Mother, from Army.”


Alright, AD fans, that concludes the first of many posts about Arrested Development! I hope you enjoyed yourself and let’s all begin this wondrous countdown to Arrested Development 2013 on Netflix!